Guest Blogging – Submit Your Articles, Stories Or News Items is constantly growing, and we’re always happy to welcome new contributors among our writers.

If you have great writing skills, are connected to the field of food and nutrition and would love to share your views with thousand’s of knowledge seekers, healthy living promoters, food, nutrition and associated companies, marketers and entrepreneurs every month – well, it’s time to submit your article here!

This page collects everything you need to know before you email us your piece. Please read it carefully to get published. Thank you!

What we’ll accept

Our mission is to provide our food and nutrition community with fresh, relevant and interesting content every day. We place the utmost care to ensure the quality and originality of every piece we publish. Therefore, we can only accept articles that are:

Guest Blogging, submit article

  •  Original (never published before, even if reshuffled)
  • Proprietary Equipped with proper context (through attribution, sources, quotes)
  • Well-written (proper grammar, innovative arguments, inspiring points of view)
  • Honest, Unbiased & Independent Reviews of products, services, Co’s, Top 10’s etc are acceptable.

What we won’t accept

We will review and approve each and every article before publishing it. We won’t be able to accept:

  • Anything that has appeared elsewhere (even if reshuffled. If we find out it’s not original after publishing it, we will remove the piece)
  • Anything that is promotional (even partially so). The promotional ones go under the sponsored advertorial category.
  • Anything that is inaccurate or contains wrong information
  • Anything that is offensive or biased

Article specifications

Please make sure that you send us a Word document including:

  • Minimum 1,000+ words
  • Title and short abstract
  • 1 Nofollow link (For sponsored posts: 1 Dofollow + 1 Nofollow link (No. of Nofollow links could be more, ie 1 Nofollow per 500 words)

What else we’ll need from you

Please also send us:

  • Any number of images in a separate folder and properly named (One image of size 640×480 pixels to represent the article as featured image)
  • Your name, surname, job title, bio (max 300 characters), good res/size faceshot

Please note: Bios cannot host hyperlinks. If you’d like to mention your website or blog, please include the full domain extension (i.e. Content Manager at

How to submit your article

Please send all the above to Every article will be reviewed by our Content Management team and, if it gets a green light, will be signed off for publication.

Usually, we tend to keep any amendments to a minimum. However, we may amend, write off or add any content we think necessary, wherever necessary.

We may also include links and calls to action to Indianutrition’s resources, wherever we see fit.

Thank you!
Editorial Team,