Foods to eat post omicron

Top 10 Foods For People Who Had Omicron Once

Diet enriched with essential nutrients is important post recovery from omicron. It gives extra strength to fight weakness and balance nutritional deficiencies. Here is the list of such foods

Are You Suffering From Depression? Here’s What You Must Know

Extensive research has gone into unravelling depression. A large number of therapies have been formulated to identify and treat all cases of depression
Kabaddi Teams

Indian Marquee Kabaddi Teams For PKL Season 8 Go Lucky –...

Capturing Indian sentiment and huge audience outside periphery of mainstream sports, WinZO to sponsor Marquee Kabaddi Teams For PKL Season 8
GGHC Press Meet

India’s First Multi-Organ Transplant Performed For Rare Genetic Liver Disorder

Gleneagles Global Health City Performs World's Second Successful Pediatric Combined Living Donor Liver And Kidney Transplant For A Rare Genetic Liver Disorder

Spreading Awareness Via The 12th Indian Organ Donation Day – MGM...

12th Indian Organ Donation Day was commemorated at MGM Healthcare, a leading multi-specialty quaternary care hospital, Chennai in association with TRANSTAN
getting braces

Advice For Getting Braces As An Adult: 3 Helpful Tips

Unlike a decade back, adults are now receiving orthodontic treatments in far greater numbers. Here are few helpful tips for getting braces as an adult.
Breastfeeding & Nursing Mother Exercises

Breastfeeding And Exercise – Here’s Everything A Nursing Mother Should Know

Having a new born child to look after doesn't mean that a mother must stop working on her health and fitness. Here’s everything a Nursing Mother Should Know

Myth and Facts of Black Fungus | Dr. Chakrabarti, ISHAM

Amity University Haryana organized a webinar on “The Myth and Facts of Black Fungus and Covid-19”, delivered by Eminent Scientist Dr. Arunaloke Chakrabarti MD, Dip NB, FAMS, FNASc, FIDSA, President, ISHAM
Immunity boosting nutrition tips by shubi husain

Want To Know Your Immunity Level? If Low, Follow These ...

Shubi Husain’s Diet and Nutrition Channel Video titled “Want To Know Your Immunity Level? Also Check The Best Ways To Boost It”.
Quit Tobacco Choose Health

Life Is Precious, Quit Tobacco Choose Health | 31st May, World...

Every year, May 31 is observed as World No Tobacco Day, highlighting the health risks associated with tobacco use, and advocating for effective policies...