Omicron is a variant of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. COVID-19 emerges as a deadly virus claiming millions of lives globally and when people thought COVID-19 is finally going to end, other variants appear, omicron being the latest one. Omicron has high transfer rate than the corona virus and is causing serious concern worldwide. However, omicron is found to be less infectious and is somehow less potent than its predecessors. Still, omicron also requires proper diagnosis and management, or else it would lead to serious health issues similar to COVID-19.

Besides medical therapies, there are certain ‘superfoods’ that can protect you against the virus by strengthening your immune system and helping you to rehabilitate from the omicron in case you get infected. Diet enriched with essential nutrients is equally important even after the complete recovery because you would require more strength to fight the weakness and balance the nutritional deficiencies. Here is the list of super-foods that you must include in your diet.


Drink plenty of water

Simple yet the most important step is to increase your fluid intake and drink plenty of water. For this purpose, consider lukewarm, boiled, or filtered water. Warm water has the power to flush out toxic materials from the body and improve overall digestion. Drink at least 10 glasses of lukewarm water to protect yourself from the repercussions of the omicron.

Aside from drinking, gargling warm water mixed with a pinch of salt can also protect you from omicron by killing microbes inside your oral cavity and clearing your respiratory tract.


Herbs and Spices (Photo credits: Monicore)

For cooking, herbs and spices are preferred as the best taste enhancers and aromatic agents but their significance doubles when you used them for therapeutic purposes. Herbs and spices have amazing antibacterial and antiviral powers, making them a favorite food for omicron patients and survivors.

Although medical experts are not in much favor of herbs and spices for the treatment of omicron and its variants but still people, especially Asians, are widely relying on spices and herbs for therapeutic purposes. Some herbs and spices particularly used for omicron management are ginger, garlic, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, basil, and neem because of their strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


Protein rich food (Photo credits: Malidate Van)

Diet rich in protein builds muscles, fulfills your nutritional demand, and is low in calories. It is highly recommended for individuals who once had omicron or are still suffering from it to consume foods having a high content of proteins.

Milk, lean meat, eggs, cheese, and some other dairy products are excellent sources of protein and can minimize the weakness caused by omicron. Plus, you can include protein shakes in your diet to fulfill your nutritional needs and speed up your return to a healthy life.


Green leafy vegetables
Vegetables (Photo credits: Magda Ehlers)

Vegetables are important for not only filling the nutritional gaps but can also reduce the chances of acquiring many ailments. Research claims that those who mostly eat plant-based diets and vegetables have a 10% less chance of acquiring omicron or other viral infections.

Try to add more broccoli, spinach, cabbages, and kale to your daily diet.


Immunity Boosting Drink (Photo credits: Hanna Auramenka)

Covid-19, Omicron, and other variants are energy-draining infections. If you are struggling with such infection or its aftermaths, you should consume energy booster drinks as much as possible. These drinks compensate for your energy requirement, keep your electrolytes in balance, and assist you in prompt recovery to your completely healthy body.

Consider homemade energy boosters such as mint-honey lemonade, turmeric milk, ginger-cinnamon-honey kahwa, etc. Or simply sip on fresh fruit juices and smoothies for a quick thrust in your immunity.


almonds and walnuts
Almonds and Walnuts

Nuts and seeds are a great source of proteins, vitamin E, iron, and healthy fats. You may consider nuts and seeds for your snack time as they can satisfy your hunger and can also make amends for the nutritional loss you faced during illness.

Walnuts, cashew, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds are some of the highly nutritious options available.


Fresh Fruits (Photo credits: Trang Doan)

When it comes to omicron or any other serious ailment, fruits are undoubtedly the food of choice. You are always in need of anti-oxidants, folate, iron, fiber, and vitamins for keeping your body in homeostasis, and fortunately, you can get all these minerals from fresh fruits.

Citrus fruits, kiwi, papaya, apple, and guava are natural immunity boosters, having strong anti-inflammatory power with an abundance of anti-oxidant; therefore, you should add them to your diet to naturally heal your health conditions.


Soup (Photo credits: Foodie Factor)

Soups are a convenience food that can be easily made and is light on your stomach. Omicron and other variants left people with poor digestive health, sore throat, fatigue, and severe weakness and in this situation, soups and broths are the best alternatives.

You can make this energizing meal easily at home by adding your favorite additives such as vegetables, chicken, herbs, spices, and lean meat.


Eat whole grain foods for quick weight loss
Whole grain foods

All types of lentils and beans offer a fantastic source of proteins, fiber, and other countless minerals that make them a  food of choice for omicron and many other infections. Besides, legumes are easily available everywhere and can be cooked easily at home, so most people prefer legumes over other foods.

Also, replace processed food with whole grains as refined food products are low in energy with high amount of calories and health professionals consider such type of diet unhealthy for omicron victims. Whole grains being stuffed with complex carbohydrates have a slow digestion rate and are low in calories, thus, are highly recommended.


Yogurt with fresh fruits

Finally, the food of choice for combatting omicron and other diseases is yogurt. Yogurt is a popular dairy food that is high in proteins, probiotics, vitamins, and calcium. Being gentle to your digestive system, soothing for the throat, easy to swallow, and high absorption rates, yogurt is extremely beneficial if you have been a victim to omicron or its variants.

To Conclude

Often, a doctor suggests light and home-cooked meals in case of infectious diseases that would subside your nutritional deficiencies, boost up your immunity, and also help you in speedy recovery. Therefore, you must take great care of your diet and try to eat food, that is good not only for your taste buds but must be the best choice for your overall health.

One important point of caution: Medical interventions are more important in the case of omicron and never rely just on diet for beating the virus.

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