You spend a lot of time in your home, and it is important that your home is helping to keep you healthy and safe. There are important tools and items that you should have in your home in order to improve and boost your health. Some of those items that we researched are listed below.

Humidifier or DeHumidifier

If you live in an extremely dry area of the country, you need a humidifier in your home. A humidifier works to add moisture to the air of your home to prevent nose bleeds or other symptoms which exist when dry air is present. If you live in an area of the country that receives excess moisture, however, you should invest in a dehumidifier for your home. These tools work to pull away some of the excess moisture that exists in the air of your home so that you can breathe easier and prevent nasal symptoms.

Air Purifier

Just as there are harmful chemicals and toxins in the water of your home, there could’ve harmful toxins in the air of your home. An air purifier works to recirculate the air that is in your home, pulling out the particles which are harmful to you in the meantime. There are many types of filters available too, including HEPA filters, carbon filters, and even UV filters like that are in hospitals. Many of these filters even work to pull viruses and bacteria from the air to make you healthier and feeling better in your home.

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Water Filter

If you live in the city, it would probably be wise to invest in a water filter of some kind when you are consuming this liquid. A reverse osmosis system specifically can break down the concentration level of substances that exists in the drinking water that you have in your home. It can ensure that it is free of any harmful chemicals or plant matter that could damage your health in the long run. This way you can drink the water straight from the faucet with ease as you are enjoying that refreshing sip without worrying about anything.

Green Plants and Welcome Mats

Green Plants help boost your health
Green Indoor Plants (Representative Image, Photo credits: Jopwell)

Green plants and welcome mats may just seem like decor items and not really tools, but they can do so much to improve your health. A welcome mat can actually remove the presence of pesticides and other toxins that can come in on the soles of your shoes. Green plants are known for filtering the air that is in your home in a natural manner. Plus, the joy that each of these items can bring can eliminate stress and make you feel happier when you see them or are close to them.

Incandescent Light Bulbs

You should avoid fluorescent lights at all times in your home as they are full of mercury, which can be released if they break. Incandescent bulbs, however, do not have this toxin present and can help eliminate the lethargy you feel under the other lights. If you can opt for windows during the day and let in natural light, this is the best option. That is not always possible, however, especially at night when it is dark outside. So, for that reason, you should try to focus on these incandescent lights as your primary option in your home.

It is important to feel healthy no matter where you are. The home should be the safest place for you to be, but sometimes it is not due to health reasons. To protect your health, utilize the tools that are found in the list above so you can feel better.

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