Weight loss sounds to be an easy task at first. You suppose to cut down your calories, hit the gym regularly, eat baked instead of fried items, adhere to your jogging routine and still, there is a huge to-do list. But when you try to put these steps into action, you realize how difficult this all is practical.

So, to conquer your struggles, you often make weight loss mistakes that worsen the situation. You do some seemingly small but insignificant blunders to lose your extra inches without realizing how they are hindering your path to achieve ideal weight and physique.

Here is a list of Eight Weight Loss Mistakes we often make while trying to shed some pounds. Have a look at this list (in reverse order) that is backed by scientific testimonies.

8You Give A Miss To Your Breakfast, Intentionally

Never skip your breakfast ( Photo credits: Brooke Larke)

You wake up early in the morning, go for a jog, take a glass of fresh fruit juice, go to your work and ignore the most important thing to start a day … You Skip your Breakfast.

Usually you do this on purpose, believing you could cut down calories by skipping breakfast but you will be surprised to know that breakfast eaters have more tendency to lose weight than those who avoid their morning meal.

Additionally, eating a balanced breakfast will boost your metabolism and keep you fresh and active throughout the day. So, keep in mind, never miss your breakfast if you are damn serious about your weight loss.

7Not Getting Adequate Sleep

Eat Less Sleep More (Photo credits:Brett Jordan)

Another one of the weight loss mistakes you commit is not getting enough sleep. In today’s fast-paced world, we usually ignore our basic need of getting adequate sleep.

Sleep deprivation slows down metabolism, increasesthe urge to eat carbs and sweets, causing uncontrolled appetite. So try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep to lose weight and stay fit.

6You Cheat On Your Cheat Days

Avoid overeating on Cheat Day (Photo Credits: Henley Design Studio)

Another blunder you do in the journey of weight loss is Cheating on your cheat days.The whole week, you follow strict diet plans, do cardio regularly, keep an eagle eye on your weighing scales, and then here comes your cheat day and you ruin everything by consuming extra calories and overeating your favorite dishes.

Cheat day is a day off from yourdieting and enjoying your favorite meal once a week so try to stay within limits and eat balanced calories.

5You Switch To Low-Fats Completely

Low-fat meal can cause premature hunger (Photo credits: Markus Spiske)

For weight loss, you do certain alternations in your diet. One of the major changes you make is to switch completely to low-fat meals and this in return, slows down your metabolism and makes you lethargic and even more hungry.

Note that, proteins and carbs are essential needs of the human body. If you replace these essential ingredients with low-fat or skimmed products then you are making a big weight loss mistake. Therefore, maintain a balance between all essential minerals for better health.

4Skipping Meals For Weight Loss

This is the most foolish way to lose your extra pounds. Yes, you have read it right. Never even think of missing your meals if you want to lose weight. Because when you starve yourself and deliberately skip your meals, your body will switch to survival mode that makes your body and cells carve more which in return causes you to overeat.

 Also, skipping breakfast, lunch, or dinner will slow down the metabolism and make it, even more, harder to lose weight.

3Insufficient Fiber Intake

Vegetables are rich in Dietary Fiber (Photo credits: Inigo De La Maza)

Dietary fibers are especially helpful in weight loss because they have slower absorption and digestion rates. Owing to these properties, they can suppress your appetite and make you feel fuller for longer.

So, incorporate more fiber-containing food in your diet and don’t try to replace it with other diet food.

2Your ‘Diet Food’ Is An Obstacle To Your Weight Loss

Those fancy ‘Diet Products’ could be the biggest reason for no noticeable decrease in your waist even after all hard work.

Diet food, available in markets, is usually over-processed. According to experts, these overly processed diet products result in weight gainas you eat them faster and they can be easily digested leaving you hungry so you eat more and more to satisfy your appetite.

Thus, don’t get entrap in this scam and try to cook at home, or at least, don’t rely too much on diet foods available in markets.

1Deluding Yourself With The Illusion Of Exercise

Balanced exercise is the key (Photo credits: Chuttersnap)

Now, here comes the most important aspect of your weight loss mistake that most of us have done before. You trick yourself with the charm of exercising.

Often, you overeat or deviate from your weight loss plan thinking that you will compensate it with some extra time in the gym. Or you spend hours in the gym, doing cardio and aerobics because you want to get in your desired physique as soon as possible.

In both cases, you are doing more harm than good because exercising for longer durations and exceeding your capacity will cause fatigue and tiredness and make you even more hungry. Thus, you eat more and more and that vicious cycle continues.

That’s why try to maintain balance. You eat, diet, exercise, whatever you do, just be within your limits.

Some Weight Loss Tips You Must Know

Now, you are quite familiar with the mistakes you are doing while trying to lose weight. Just omit them and you will see discernible effects. Here are some weight loss tips you should follow while avoiding the above mistakes.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and full.
  • Eat breakfast that is rich in proteins and fibers.
  • Drink black coffee or tea without sugar to boost metabolism.
  • Avoid soda and sugary drinks as much as possible.
  • Use smaller plates for your lunch and dinner and eat slowly.
  • Don’t depend on the gym too much. Try to stay active outside the gym too.
  • Try intermittent fasting which is now proved by science as the best method to lose weight.
  • Increase the use of vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Try to stay consistent. You will not achieve ideal body weight overnight.


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