Shubi Husain is a nutritionist / dietitian who is also a famous entrepreneur and owner of the ‘Health Sanctuary’ brand. Through the course of her career, Ms. Shubi has donned various hats,  as a clinical dietician, a food stylist, a fitness and lifestyle expert, and as consultant and brand ambassador to various companies; she is currently the Managing Director of Health Sanctuary Pvt. Ltd.

Ms Husain is a recepient of various awards, both national and international. She proudly hold the Stevie Women in business award, 2015 and the All India Best Nutritionist Award, Year 2016.

Having caught up with Ms Husain at her plush South Delhi Clinic cum Office, the India Nutrition team got the opportunity to engage with Ms Husain for her view on Low Carb, Low Fat Diets and associated nutrition issues faced by the public in making day to day food choices.

Shubi Husain provides pointwise replies to Questions put up to her and thus helps in taking the confusion out of various debatable and subjective points regarding low carb versus low fat diets to composition of ideal diets etc:

Question 1. ​A growing number of research says low-carb diet is better than low-fat diet in losing weight and improving heart health. Your comments.

Shubi Husain: Yes, low carb diet has complex carbs which lead to regulate and decrease the absorption of fatty acid and tend to decrease serum triglycerides and low density protein as well as increase in high density lipo-proteins and regulate blood glucose levels.

Question 2. Is it true that people on low-fat diets crave more for foods high in carbs? Why so?

Shubi Husain : The carb restricted dieters are often allowed to eat until fullness, while the fat restricted need to count calories and control portions. Despite that, the low-carbohydrate dieters tend to eat the same amount or even fewer calories than the low-fat groups due to appetite reducing effects of the diet .Therefore, low-carb diets lead to “automatic” weight loss.

Question 3. Do people, when dieting, eat less fruits/veggies and more fat-free stuff? Does this in any way increase their sugar intake?

Shubi Husain: Yes, if fat free stuff contains simple and refined carbs than it will increase the sugar intake.

Question 4. Not all carbs are bad. But one of the recent studies which found that low-carb diet is better in losing weight  claimed to include both refined and unrefined carbs. Your take.

Shubi Husain : The diet  truth is that carbohydrates are essential for health and are your body’s preferred form of fuel.  We can’t live without them- but we’d be healthier if we got most of our carbohydrates from “smart carbs” like fruits, vegetables, legumes, low-fat dairy, and whole grains.  The bottom line: White, refined foods canbe part of a healthy diet, but moderation is key.

Question 5. Is fat good then and carbs bad? Please explain.

Shubi Husain: Fat is good than bad or refined carbs, because bad carb tend to metabolize faster in unusual ways and  it gets turned into low density lipo-protein particles that’s the worst kind of cholesterol.

Question 6. How many carbs and fat an adult male and adult female require?

Shubi Husain: For an adult male 25-40 g of fat is required where 20-30 g fat is required in a female, and approximate 290-348 g of carbs is required by a male where 263-315 g is required in an adult female.

Question 7. Consumption of sugar results in a cycle of cravings. Is this true? Why so?

Shubi Husain: True, because it provides instant energy.  \

Question 8. How many people have diabetes in the country?

Shubi Husain: In India, approximately 31.7 million people are suffering from diabetes.

Question 9. Recently, the Centre asked PepsiCo to cut down on sugar in drinks. Also, WHO is being recommended to reduce sugar consumption from 5  to 3 percent. Will it be helpful?

Shubi Husain: Yes, it will reduce the intake of empty calories.

Question 10. Is it sustainable in the long term to substantially reduce carbs, since they are are vital for energy?

Shubi Husain: Yes,but in a moderation.

Question 11. Are sugar-free chewing gums and drinks good for health?

Shubi Husain: Chewing gum can be good for you. Not only can it freshen your breath, it can help you overcome cigarette cravings, improve your memory – and even help you lose weight as it reduces the urge to eat. And sugar free drinks also helps in the weight loss.

Question 12. What should an ideal diet include for weight loss and a healthy heart?

Shubi Husain: Plenty of water and lot of fruits and vegetable should be included in the diet as well as foods low in carbs and balanced ratio of MUFA and PUFA in moderate amount of  fat.


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