Before we dwell on to the Yoga Benefits and How Yoga is Beneficial For Your Career, we need to know why one should practice Yoga at all. Irrespective of the style that you practice, the benefits of yoga can be of tremendous help to executives and professionals in high-paced, stressful careers.

Why You Should Practice Yoga

Some people tend to scoff at the idea of practicing yoga because all they can imagine is a group of people stretching and chanting in a room. While there are a few styles of yoga that do focus on chanting at the core, there are also numerous other styles that are often very vigorous physically, as well as mentally.

 1  Increased Brain Functions

It has been shown that even just a short yoga practice can increase brain function. By focusing the mind, you are able to increase memory and learning capacity, both of which have been seen after carrying out a yoga session. Just think of how this can work to your advantage in your job! You will be able to retain more information that is being tossed in your direction and use your mind to its full creative potential while performing your usual tasks.

 2  Yoga Teaches You To Be OK With Your Limitations

Because yoga is about gradual, gentle progression on the mat, you don’t have to compete with anybody, even yourself. Everybody has different limitations: for example, my flexibility problem where i wasn’t able to bend and touch my toes. At first, I found it frustrating. Other people were doing it with ease as i could see on the screen, and I couldn’t even get half way to it!

Over time I started to open up a bit but never able to reach the toes with my hands. I understood that it wasn’t meant for me coz of my age and accepted my limitations and therefore modified the poses I found impossible. Yoga reminds us all that we can’t be the best at everything, and that we need to be going with ease with ourselves in order to improve.

 3  Yoga Strengthens Your Mental Faculties

We’ve all had that moment on the mat when we finally achieve something we never thought we’d be able to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s something big and showy, like hitting the perfect handstand, or something that seems small, like managing to put your palms on the floor in a forward fold. The important thing is that feeling of achievement when you realise that you did it!

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Yoga teaches you that with small steps and perseverance, you can achieve your goals, no matter how big or small.

 4  Yoga Helps You Keep Calm In Stressful Situations

In such a career driven world, stress always seems to be knocking on our door. The practice of yoga can really help to clear and focus your mind, leaving you with a calmer outlook on life and how you carry yourself, especially in the workplace, without falling into other unhealthy ways to relieve stress.

 5  Yoga Reminds You To Relax And Focus On Things That Are Important

It’s so easy to get caught up in the massive to-do list that blights most of our everyday lives, and forget to look after ourselves. While working as a CEO in a PSU, Mr Andy negotiated a long daily commute for a obvious position that was one of extreme pressure. Having started yoga and being into it for 2 months, he had this to remark, “I look forward to my barely 25 minutes of yoga when I get home as my relaxation time to unwind and discard off the stresses of the day.”

He adds, ” Not only does it help me get back to my usual self, it also helps me put everything in focus and remind me that my job was not above my Health. This gave me the confidence to move on.

 6  Ease Depression And Anxiety

Even extremely healthy people can fall into slumps or become overwhelmed, and it happens to more people than you may think. There have been studies showing that yoga improves mood, better than other types of physical activity, thus helping to rid of depression and anxiety.

 7  Yoga Teaches You To Have Confidence In Your Own Abilities

Every time you approach your mat, it is a fresh start and an opportunity to get rid of the negative thoughts that have been bogging you down. Focusing in on my movements and breath during yoga practice helps to ground me and remind me of my own inner strength.

Whatever might have happened that day to dent your confidence, you can build it back up again through your practice. Yoga helps to remind you of your own, unique strengths, and thus encourages you to focus on them when it comes to your career.

Yoga can help you enhance your career because it helps you understand who you are. Rather than focusing only on what other people want from you, yoga helps you discover how you can thrive best as an individual.

 8  Physical Fitness

More physically intense forms of yoga, such as Ashtanga and Iyengar, utilize the strength and power of the body, resulting in improved fitness levels. When the body becomes healthier, so does the mind, and one of yoga’s greatest advantages is the fact that it improves upon both at the same time. Once your body is functioning at its best, your brain is free to operate at its highest levels which will help you to be much more productive in the workplace.

Whether you want to achieve a total career change, land a crucial interview, or just improve your performance at a job you already have, practicing yoga shows you your strengths, helps you accept your limitations, and gives you the confidence and determination to pursue your dreams, step by step. Good luck!

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