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Personal Trainers (Representative Image only, credits: Twitter)

Losing or gaining weight was the key motivation for people heading to gyms in pre-COVID times. The privileged ones could easily afford a personal trainer while the rest had YouTube as their mentor.

Many Apps in the market connect personal trainers with fitness enthusiasts across the nation.

But this crisis forced fitness enthusiasts into their living rooms; while gyms and trainers ran out of business almost instantly. Those who were tech-savvy, onboarded some of their customers via Zoom, Skype, and others tools; but the regular gym-goers had no option other than to quit – or refer to “one-type-fits-all” YouTube workout videos.

In fact, personal trainers were also quickly shunned citing lack of social distancing. But now when the nation is going back to normal, platforms like FitsApp are helping people shift back into their fitness regimes.

With one-to-one interaction and personal attention, FitsApp will help the masses stay fit with a personal trainer and schedule suited to their precise needs.

Acting as the purveyor of physical well being, FitsApp employs a dedicated group of personal trainers for both online and offline sessions. FitsApp Founder, Syed. Imran saw this crisis as an opportunity to help his peers.

He added, “While many gyms ran neck-deep into rents and pending salaries, we had no option but to evolve as per market dynamics. We already had a massive network of fitness trainers and a platform – FitsApp. All we did was connect these trainers to people looking for them.”

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FitsApp personal trainers are available online, across the nation. With easy-to-choose; and affordable pricing plans as low as INR 59 per session, FitsApp is taking the online fitness world by a storm; making personal fitness training affordable for the masses.

FitsApp has also started a pilot run in Hyderabad where people can book an in-person session with a fitness trainer for as low as INR 299 per session. Soon enough, FitsApp plans to go cross-nation and expand their network of personal trainers.

Just launched 7 months back, FitsApp has a network of over 2000 gyms and employs 500+ fitness trainers pan-India and 200+ trainers in Hyderabad alone. The idea of FitsApp took birth when Mr. Syed. Imran started his career with Talwalkars – a premium fitness group. He found that personal training was reserved for the rich; while the masses were stuck with YouTube-only sessions.

“Not just the customers; even fitness trainers had a tough time acquiring and retaining clients in absence of a proper platform,” Imran added. With FitsApp, he aspires to bridge this gap.

As we exit this crisis and move towards a post-COVID world, there is a dire need of initiatives like these; and we can expect our entrepreneurs to take the charge.

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