It is overwhelming to notice that everywhere people are becoming conscious of getting and staying fit. Fitness is an important aspect of a healthy and longer life. It is indeed a necessity or a pre-requisite of the sedentary lifestyle that most of the people lead in present times.

People are better educated today and are aware of the importance of the exercise for an hour or more when most of the day goes in sitting and working. More so the social media very interestingly gives a lucrative picture of all the elite people who work out rigorously and gain attractive physique making the younger generations go berserk over fitness.

The growing culture of gymming and various other fitness routine classes have tempted people all around the globe. These are not only easy to approach and effective but also are interesting ways to get physically healthier.

Fitness may not only imply being physically healthy but do involve emotional and spiritual health as well. In a broader perspective, fitness has become an individual pursuit with different people seeing it differently.

Some follow age old methods of walking, jogging, swimming or cycling with a bit of yoga, aerobics and laughter session as their way to be fit and active while for many others especially young experimenting with different techniques is more lucrative as well as beneficial.

With the surge in the popularity of health and fitness, there are a plethora of new fitness classes designed to ensure not only fitness but to provide social, mental and spiritual benefits as well.

Any form of activity is interesting only if we enjoy it fully and not due to some pressure. When we are sweating out to be fit or to lose weight, the method definitely has to be captivating enough to keep us going. Hence the modern day fitness exercises are not restricted to gym and its equipments alone. New forms or reformed exercises are being introduced to people keen on learning something new along with getting fit. Here are a few modern day fitness exercises and routines being practiced worldwide.


Over the last few years Yoga has gained much popularity not only in India but around the World. Yoga along with cultural conservation focuses on the body’s natural tendency towards health and self-healing. It is more convenient as a practice as it is pocket friendly, can be done at home alone or at any convenient place in groups and is not restricted to a particular age. The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony between mind, soul and body.

Everyone knows that practicing yoga is good. Yoga helps you to get rid of arthritis, depression and anxiety, shed excessive weight and get glowing and flawless skin. With a continued yoga session, an individual will feel more balanced and focussed in life. This age old practice is now reformed to give more health benefits and the approach is more result oriented naming it ‘Hot Yoga’.

Hot Yoga refers to yoga exercises performed in hot and humid conditions leading to profuse sweating. Practicing yoga or yoga inspired fitness style in a heated room increases metabolism and pulse rate allowing the body to burn more calories and shed those extra kilos.




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