Can you gauge the amount of adulations and a sense of contentment a person acquires when he or she is able to fight and win the battle of obesity? Being overweight is very unhealthy for your overall well being as you get prone to infections and consequently contract many lifestyle diseases.  Once you lose weight, you feel quite empowered and active with lots of energy in your body. Your overall health and personality also gets a new boost and the results can amaze anyone with a transformed life.

Losing weight is about feeling motivated and inspired to renovate your lifestyle with the help of right nutrition and exercise.  Nutrition is all about including essential food groups in your daily diet in a balanced manner.

Most of the people are ignorant about proper and balanced nutrition that is required for losing weight. You require proper guidelines for the amount of food to be consumed for overall wellness. A weight loss diet plan needs to be tailored according to specific requirements of an individual. Each person requires a personalized diet plan to get on the track of reducing weight fast.

Are you fed up of being overweight as it has diminished your personality and people do not take you seriously anymore? Well, award winning nutritionist and lifestyle celebrity Shubi Husain can help you overcome your problems and assist you in quickly losing weight. This could be through visits to her clinics with prior appointments (machine based sessions and treatments) or her most popular and decades old online diet consultation facility. She believes that diet plans to lose weight are not about starving you, but to make you eat healthy foods in prefixed combinations, which eventually make you more active and energetic. One can easily achieve weight loss by knowing some important basics of the Indian diet plan for weight loss.

Shubi Husain is an award winning corporate nutrition consultant as well as an entrepreneur who owns the ‘Health Sanctuary‘ brand that promotes healthy living, wellness and machine based weight loss. She tailors custom diet plans to suit your lifestyle and requirements. Being a weight loss expert, she recommends a healthy lifestyle infused with a balanced diet and exercises. Shubi Husain does not provide any quick fix solution like pills, powders or strenuous exercises, but instead promotes online healthy diet plans which help you lose weight for good. Shubi’s clinics provide you with Online Indian diet plans, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, to suit your food habits and culture.

At the beginning of your Diet Program, you will be assigned with a personal dietitian or nutritionist to cater to all your preferences, likes and dislikes, so as to craft out a unique and personalized diet plan. Diet Plans like a diabetic diet plan for diabetic patients or diet plan for hypertension for high BP patients are regularly customized to suit individual lifestyles and preferences.

We all know that Nutrition has the power to cure diseases. Its this very reason that people often get customized diet plans like that for jaundice or high BP or fatty liver in case their liver functioning is affected.

Based on your filled up data, Nutritionist Shubi Husain decides whether your diet requires a complete change or you just require minor changes to help cope up with some medical condition or a combination of them. For example, following a diet plan for high BP can help you balance the blood pressure by cutting salt from your diet and likewise cutting sugar helps diabetic patients in keeping well.

Strict Vegetarians can too opt for Indian Vegetarian Diet Plans and discuss their challenges in losing weight in non-judgmental atmosphere. If you are thinking about how to lose weight fast, then you must know that there is no short cut to weight loss. Shubi Husain has thousands of satisfied clients from across the world and has been instrumental in literally changing the lifestyles of many people who are ever thankful to her for their increased confidence to rise and shine in this materialistic world with energy, zeal and enthusiasm.


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