The Bionic Eye

Ever Heard Of The Bionic Eye And The Amazing Technology Behind...

A Thrilling Futuristic Technology, Let's Explore and Understand The Bionic Eye. How It Works? It's Advantages And Cost Effectivity.
post pregnancy weight gain

Post Pregnancy Weight Gain That Many Women Are Afraid Of

Ladies, take note! A steady weight gain even after pregnancy may be a result of your lifestyle choices, such as eating your child's leftovers...
Winter Dessert Cream Caramel


I have jotted down a simple step-to-step guide for you to relish this winter. It is a custard pudding served with a soft layer...
Top most Healthiest Nuts

Top 5 Healthiest Nuts That Can Help You Stay Disease Free

Nuts are small Factories Of Nutrients That Help Prevent Numerous Diseases. Here are Top 5 Healthiest Nuts That Can Help You Stay Disease Free
I want to lose weight fast and quick

Want To Lose Weight? Here Are A Few Effective Ways To...

New Delhi, 03 Sep 17 (ANI): Am sure, you too want to lose weight, fast and quick. However losing weight is really a big...
Best Cuisines In the world - japanese

Best Cuisines In The World – Nations Ranked By N4M Surveys

Eating healthy is beyond salad and grilled chickens. It is in fact much more if we consider the ethnic, time tested cuisines from around...
Anannke Partners Langar on Wheels Delhi

Anannke Foundation Partners with DSGMC for Langar on Wheels Amid COVID-19...

Anannke Foundation Partners with Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) for 'Langar on Wheels' Amid COVID-19 Crisis
Shubi Husain - Family nutritionist

Changing Lifestyles – Having a Family Nutritionist Is In These Days

In the recent years, transition from family doctors to family nutritionists has become more and more apparent. That is not to say that family...
Topmost Fashion Tips

Topmost Fashion Tips, You Just Can’t Do Without

Fashion mishaps can harm your self-esteem. Want to change your fashion ways? This article has many great suggestions and tips to keep you looking...
Modern Day fitness Exercises

Top 10 Modern Day Fitness Exercises People Are Fast Switching Over...

Fitness not only implies being physically healthy but involves emotional and spiritual health as well. Shubi Husain recommends the top modern day fitness exercises to change over to.