Change is the only constant thing in this world. We need to change ourselves with time, our approach towards life and its problems, thinking, our appearance and choices about way of living.

We might not be fit to survive in the society if we don’t adapt to changes around us. Life can become boring, monotonous and stagnant. So it’s essential and very practical to learn and expand our knowledge and wisdom and look at things in global perspective.

Food and Health perspectives are no different. These also change with time. People are moving around places either for work or study or for better prospects and hence the need arises to get out of the comfort or the age old traditions of eating and food habits.

New places might be same in terms of food habits and availability of food materials or it might be partially or completely different; and in such situation we are required to get accustomed to the local or metropolitan way of eating.

When you expand your horizon and move out of your comfort zone of eating, you explore new cuisines, gain knowledge about the different foods and ingredients, develop new sense of taste all over again and gain new experiences with every meal you enjoy.

Here are some quick tips to follow if you want to expand your food palate:

  • Be adventurous and try new food. Getting out of the comfort zone of eating a known food is the biggest challenge here. You need to train your mind to try relishing new varieties of vegetables, meat, cooking techniques or even spices that has been used. Go for a new restaurant or different cuisine whenever you decide to dine out. Explore new dishes from the menu card and learn to appreciate new tastes. At home too, try something new whenever you find a little extra time for cooking. Experiment with new ingredients and cooking methods.
  • Learn to savour your food every time. Cooking is an art and the skill has to be mastered through practice and devotion, and while eating we need to appreciate that skill. Meals should be relaxing and we should take out time to enjoy each bite to know even the little subtleties of taste.
  • Spice up your meal. The statement in itself focuses on making your meal interesting. Variety of herbs and spices are now readily available at the shelves of a supermarket. Try adding new ones to your recipes to explore new taste, flavour and smell and push your palate.
  • Remember your senses. Eating is not just about filling your bellies. It’s an activity involving our sense of smell, sight and taste. For exploring something new and to add to our knowledge, we need to be alert and put all the three senses to work.
  • Health should be your priority. We can’t neglect our body in trying new varieties and expanding our palate. Be watchful about the content of sugar, fat, salt and non-edible things when you choose something new and unknown. Be very sure of the ingredients being used, safety and quality of food and hygienic conditions of the place. In experimenting you cannot skip your health or rule out the possibilities of allergies, food infections or poisoning.

By putting these points in use, you can sharpen your skills, develop a global approach towards eating and gain appreciation for different variety of foods.

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