Eating healthy is beyond salad and grilled chickens. It is in fact much more if we consider the ethnic, time tested cuisines from around the world. When you enjoy a global cuisine in its purest form, you get a healthy meal that is light, nutritious, absolutely yummy and something new for your taste buds.

There are a number of ethnic cuisines existing in the world representing the taste of a particular country or region, a tribe or culture; but not all have managed to attract the food explorers and the conscious eaters. The best cuisines are thus not only the ones that are relished the most for their culinary aspects but also for enhancing your life spans and longevity.

The World’s Top Ten Most Healthy Cuisines in order of their country’s are listed herein.

Read on to find out if its the Japanese, The Koreans Or The Greeks that make it to the Number 1 position:


Best Cuisines In the world - lebanese

Traditional Lebanese food is popular for being delicious, but it is also a fantastic choice for those looking for a healthy food option. The cuisine emphasizes on using fresh local ingredients that ensures maximum nutritional benefits from each bite. With olive oil being used for maximum number of cooking, Lebanese food can do wonders to control cholesterol, blood sugar and boost overall heart health. Lebanese meal uses more of lean protein and less of carbohydrate again making it good for those watching their calorie intake. The fresh herbs used in cooking, not only enhance the taste or flavour of the food, but also is beneficial for immunity and overall health. Not to forget, Lebanese cuisine makes good use of Chick peas in its recipes like hummus and falafel providing you with calcium, magnesium, phosphate, iron and vitamin K which together helps in strengthening bones, lower blood pressure, fight cancer, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation.


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